Recipes - Princesses' Braid Bread

Princesses' Braid Bread

1st Jun 2020, 12:57 PM
As you can tell, this recipe is completely fictional and is part of a collaboration project with sobers_guild in which we are mutually promoting each other. Their comic is Breadfinder which is also baking themed and it is tons of fun to read.

This bread is inspired by a traditional Greek Easter bread we call tsoureki hence the shape. I got the idea to call it a "Princesses' Braid Bread" because the look of it is reminiscent of a princesses' braid. I used an online recipe as a reference point while making up the ingredients and the measurements. Note that the ingredients are inspired by many princess themed fairy tales. As for the directions, they're pretty realistic except for the fact that the dough glows and in my mind, halfling yeast works faster than normal yeast which saves on proofing time. You still have to cook the bread quite a bit though.

If you have a recipe (real or not) to share, let me know with photos and I can make a recipe card for it.

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Halfling yeast does work faster. In fact, in half of the time required for normal yeast.
Bad jokes aside, it's a pleasure and an honour to make our first collab ever with you! Really, thanks a lot!

1st Jun 2020, 5:27 PM

It was fun collaborating with you.

1st Jun 2020, 6:06 PM

Halfling yeast had me puzzled (and amused), but fairy sugar was a pretty normal sort of food/ingredient name when I was little. ;) I scrolled down to read the author's comment after that line though.

We had pixie stix and angel's delight, never said "cupcakes", always "fairy cakes", ... I guess I missed the time when candy floss was called "fairy cotton". There was a lot of asssociation between sweet things and the fairy realm. Not sure that was a good thing, really.

1st Jun 2020, 7:09 PM

MK, you're from Greece? o:

2nd Jun 2020, 5:22 PM

I was born and raised in Canada, but my parents are Greek immigrants.

2nd Jun 2020, 6:09 PM

Ah, that's really cool! I'd love to see more greek-inspired recipes!

3rd Jun 2020, 11:13 AM

I intend to put Greek recipes and I would love to put up more international baked good recipes.

3rd Jun 2020, 11:14 AM

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