Recipes - Blueberry Pancake "Cake"

Blueberry Pancake "Cake"

19th May 2020, 1:20 PM
Who doesn't love pancakes? I know I do and blueberry is particularly special to me, but pancakes never seemed to like me. I always burn them on one side and underdo them on the other making each one ugly and inedible, so one day, I researched for an easier way to make pancakes... and one day on TV, I saw the technique that changed everything: just put them in the oven! The texture will come out the same and you just cut pieces.

The best part is that ANY pancake batter recipe will do. You just finish the entire thing in the oven. This will make those special mornings a lot easier, but still special enough. However, this specific recipe is the best blueberry one I have come up with.

And please, friends, if you have a recipe or know someone who has a recipe worth making an art card for, send it my way! Everyone's best baking recipe merits showcasing because baking is love.

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