Specials - Cupcake War Machine Calendar 2022

Cupcake War Machine Calendar 2022

29th Apr 2021, 3:22 PM
Hello, everyone!

I am so happy to say that I have finally made a product that is something beyond just a poster, commission or art piece...

It's a 2022 Calendar! I know I'm early, but I needed to finish it now so I can move onto other projects. I really hope people are enticed because I had a lot of fun doing it. It features desserts from around the world including in places we have looked over, but have hidden treasures worth tasting and desserts you may know yet have details you may have not known.

It's not the fanciest or most sophisticated product, but it is me which is fun, family orientated and full of love and sweetness.

You can find it here.

PS: Due to demand, it also comes in digital format too!


Oh, this is super exciting!!! My partner loves recipe books, I'm VERY pumped

30th Apr 2021, 8:16 PM

Err... any chance of a digital version? As much as I want this very much, shipping to Ireland makes it cost over $70. .__.;

30th Apr 2021, 8:21 PM

I see. FYI, it's not a recipe calendar. Just one that tells you about obscure desserts you have never heard of, but may love. Since you did make the demand... I think I can do digital in PNG format in a zip file. Of course, it would still require you to buy it. Just let me create the digital version and put a fair price for it.

30th Apr 2021, 8:49 PM

It's there and the price is fair, I believe.

30th Apr 2021, 9:04 PM

Ah, thank you for doing this for me! I'm still very excited to see it-- dessert-aesthetic things really are my jam (hence being a big fan, hehe)

1st May 2021, 5:26 AM

Great, though you won't be able to do much other than admire the pictures until 2022. Btw, was that you who purchased a copy right now?

1st May 2021, 7:34 AM

yep, that was me!

1st May 2021, 7:39 AM

Thanks. Please give me a review too? It helps me out a lot.

1st May 2021, 10:19 AM

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