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15th Oct 2021, 6:00 AM
Today's guest character is the cupcake-verse's version of Merlow the Rose from Court of Roses by Kelsey-Nutty. It's a great webcomic that is music themed and the main character Merlow is the most loveable character ever.


That brown sugar joke has some strong Simpsons vibes.

15th Oct 2021, 6:35 AM

Really? I didn't know that. I can confirm that when brown sugar clumps, it's a real pain to de-clump.

15th Oct 2021, 6:38 AM

wait....which season?

20th Apr 2023, 4:09 PM

is that Link

15th Oct 2021, 8:57 AM

No, it's Melow the Rose! Lol, I said so in the comments. It's an AU version of him. He's half-elf and wears green, so I get why you made the mistake, but he's not Link at all.

15th Oct 2021, 8:59 AM

My bad, I did NOT read the comment

15th Oct 2021, 9:02 AM

It is ok. I have done that too.

15th Oct 2021, 11:12 AM

Ooooohhhh there he is!!! MK you gave him such a fashionable jacket, I love it!!!!

18th Oct 2021, 1:11 PM

Why thank you. Merlow is so handsome that I had to make him well dressed.

18th Oct 2021, 4:25 PM

Apparently, sugar was once sold in solid form, in a sort of cone shape. Victorian houses had these dangerous-looking sort-of scissor-like things bolted to a work surface to break it apart.

28th Oct 2021, 5:24 AM

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