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16th Jun 2022, 6:00 AM
A tool of the future: the thermal blender! It cooks or chills what you're blending to save time and effort when making creams, ice cream or smoothies.

FYI, I will be away visiting family this weekend hence why the second update came early this week.


I kinda want that blender TBH.

16th Jun 2022, 6:09 AM

That's what everyone is saying including me.

16th Jun 2022, 9:00 AM

Beans or glass beads ? I've heard pros and cons for both.
I never bother with them because I don't care much if my pie crust has little irregularities in it. I trust the filling to keep people from noticing and don't often get huge bubbles or voids in it anyway, but I'm not doing it for sale or competition so it's not as important to me ;)

16th Jun 2022, 7:23 AM

It's more like a bean bag.

16th Jun 2022, 9:00 AM

I need a thermal blender in my life! That would make cooking so much easier.

16th Jun 2022, 8:09 AM

Not so good for margaritas...

18th Jun 2022, 10:01 PM

You just leave the temperature feature off so it works like a regular blender.

19th Jun 2022, 8:05 AM

nice monologue there. that tongue stuck out is cute

16th Jun 2022, 11:04 AM

It's a classic pose :)

16th Jun 2022, 12:03 PM

That blender tho 👀

16th Jun 2022, 11:17 AM

Not really a "tool of the future". The Thermomix and its imitators have been around for years

17th Jun 2022, 4:24 PM

Well I’ll be damned!

17th Jun 2022, 4:30 PM

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