Warrick Epsilon-101

Age 500+ (looks and acts 16)
Race Android
Gender Male
Occuption Assistant Baker (ex War Machine)
Favourite Treat Ketchup
Life Goal Win the competition and rebecome a War Machine.
Back in the 2500s during WWIV, Warrick was literally made to fight against the then mutant enemies, but after getting damaged during his first mission, he was abandoned and left is statis up until the 3000s. He has been remade and thrown into a peaceful time that he cannot seem to adapt to and is put into a role he absolutely loathes. Haunted by the past and angry at everyone, Warrick is absolutely committed to winning the tournament as a means to his end which is to rebcome a war machine and prove that he is good at what he was meant to do.

Stella Starchild

Age 25
Race Star Mutant
Gender Female
Occuption Head Baker and Owner of the Gingerbread House
Favourite Treat Sugar Pie
Life Goal To make her grandma and late grandpa proud.
Stella adopted Warrick knowing he was recycled. Upon learning his story, she has been patient and compassionate with him as she relates to him in more ways than she is letting on. That does not stop her from being firm or even playfully messing with him. After all, she wouldn't be a good big sister if she didn't. Just being a part of the competition is important to her because her late grandpa wanted to take part in it since it first started, but he never made the cut in his lifetime.


Age 21
Race Pipsqueak
Gender Female
Occuption Dessert Decorator, Pet
Favourite Treat Chocolate Chip Cookies
Life Goal To meet the right pipsqueak and spend her life with.
Despite not being able to say words, everyone knows what she thinks, feels and is trying to say by her actions. Sassy, artistic and a romantic, this little diva of a pipsqueak was trained since birth in the way of cake and cookie decorating. She may be small, but she has a personality of a big star.


Age 102
Race Robot
Gender Non-Binary
Occuption Host
Favourite Treat Gingerbread Cookies, Cappuccino
Life Goal To be upgraded into an android frame.
Sweet as they look, Ginger is the cheerful, optimistic and helpful host of the Gingerbread House and has been since the late grandpa Steve was running it in his twenties. Like Stella, being a part of the baking tournament is important to them for the same reasons. Unlike Warrick, Ginger wishes they could bake, but can't because their frame slows them down and a robotic kitchen armsenal is not compatable with them.


Myrna Starchild (maiden name Alonso)

Age 67
Race Human
Gender Female
Occuption Retired (ex Host and Co-Owner of the Gingerbread House)
Favourite Treat Red Velvet Cake, Spiced Rum
Grandma Myrna has seen it and been through it twice making Warrick's type anything, but the exception. She is gracious about the fact that he clearly doesn't want to bake cupcakes and cookies for the rest of his life and is genuinely supportive of his true passion.

Peter Saturn

Age 35
Race Saturn Mutant
Gender Male
Occuption Catholic Priest
Favourite Treat Blueberry Muffins, Chips
This gentle giant is Stella's older cousin who used to work part-time at the bakery, but his calling turned him towards the path of the Lord and in Bright City. Like Warrick, he prefers savory and salty treats to sweet ones with the exception of muffins and is kind of a black sheep himself when it comes to his passion as it is also not in baking, but gardening.

Tiny Sister

Age 22
Race Kakapo
Gender Female
Occuption Pet, Sort-of-Catholic Nun
Favourite Treat Raisin Cookies
This little kakapo assists Peter at everything whether it is in church or in the garden.

Zachary BonBon

Age 52
Race (Alien) Artist
Gender (Transgender) Male
Occuption Celebrity Chef, Judge, Entrepreneur, Activist
Favourite Treat Ruby Chocolate
The famous and beloved chef Zachary has been proudly running the Bittersweet Baking Tournament for 25 years now. He is fair, honest and encouraging to the contestants even when they do fall short.

Adam Otis Dualman

Age 41
Race Gemini Mutant
Gender Male
Occuption Celebrity Host
Favourite Treat Sweet and Sour Pork
The famous host of the Bittersweet Baking Tournament and Zachary's assistant tends to have two minds about every situation, but both are always focused on the task at hand. He is energetic and fun yet at the same time professional and serious.


Professor Gloria Steel

Age (Last seen at) 55 Gloria was the genius who created Warrick to be a state of the art war machine who was meant bring victory to the then human army. She had faith that he was destined for greatness and cared for him deeply like a son.
Race Human
Gender Female

Sergeant Bill Bomber

Age (Last seen at) 45 While they only knew each other for a short period of time, the Sarge had a long term impact on Warrick and not for the better as he left him behind after he got damaged during his first mission deeming him as a failure. This traumatized Warrick into having unhealthy obsession with victory.
Race Human
Gender Male

Steve Starchild

Age (Deceased at) 56 The late former owner and head baker of the Gingerbread House, Steve was very passionate about cupcakes and his family. He was the one who came up with the idea of redesigning the cupcakes to look like emojis and since the Bittersweet Baking Tournament began during his lifetime and once a year since, he would try hard every year to make the cut in order to be a contestant. Sadly, it was just not meant to be.
Race Star Mutant
Gender Male


Breadwinner Gaming Cafe

A gaming cafe whose gimmick is making video game and tabletop game themed treats.

Queens of Tarts

A fabulous fantasy and princess themed bakery whose specialty are tarts and other feminine confections.

Green Tea Room

A tea room that serves both old fashioned and modern pastries from all over Japan.

The Ugly Mug

A coffee shop that celebrates mutants in every way by serving strange yet tasty treats.

Ali's Babas

A middle Eastern bakery which is famous for its various babas and baklavas.

Martian Manwich Shop

A sandwich shop run by a pair of Martians who also serve baked goods from their red planet at a gold standard.

Flying Cup and Saucer

A coffee shop owned by twins sisters from a galaxy far, far away whose parents immigrated to Earth when they were children.

Pi Squared Piemen

A trio of mathematicians who switched careers to pursue their passion in pies and tarts.

Monsieur Macaron

A macaron shop run by a French pastry master and his two trusty AI assistants.

Natural Blondies

A vegan bakery where the assistant baker is a cyborg.

Milk & Cookie Way

A Greek bakery run by a husband and wife who are famous for their selection of cheesecakes and cookies.