Hello and call me Mary.

This comic was inspired by the epiphany I had when my son was born. He made me realize that my life did not turn out how I thought it would. It turned out even better. This webcomic is just like that. I originally planned it to be an action themed comic, but it worked better as a baking competition as well as a coming of age comic with science fiction elements. It is also a Valentine to my beloved husband who loves Star Trek of which the setting is also a Utopia on Earth so I borrowed a lot of elements from his favourite media. Expect this comic to be a satire on 80s media like G. I. Joe, He-Man and other toyline classics as well as many anime tropes by calling them all out from how absurd to how toxic some of the way they do things were and still are. The central theme of this comic is family unity and how a good support system can help you overcome your inner demons.

This is also a baking themed comic so expect recipes and for those who try them out, let me know how they went!
- Love, Mary