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Hello and call me Mary.

When making this comic, it was originally planned to be an action comic, but I found myself unable to think of a setting. It kept turning towards a family themed comic with science fiction and fantasy elements. In the end, I went with what my heart clearly wanted and baked up this treat. I was highly inspired how I thought my life would turn out one way yet became another and I love my life as well as my family. This comic is also a callback to everyone who grew up during the 70s and 80s in which cartoons were dominated with non-stop straightforward action specifically the Transformers, classic He-Man and classic Thundercats and such in which things like mutants, aliens, wizards and androids were typecasted as being used only for those settings, but now we have shows that completely changed all of that and are now promoting non-violence wherever you can. More importantly, that there is beauty in maturity and in the real world we take for granted like not having to fight in a war, the freedom to fall in love and to see the world peacefully. Plus, these aspects of life are not boring just because they don't involve sword, machine guns or any magical big bad. The biggest challenge in life is adulthood and never really ends. You just transition from one phase onto the next and each has its own adventures.

I also always wanted to do a baking or competition themed comic since I grew up with fighting animes like Dragon Ball, but I'm now into baking competitions. With that said, I incorporated my love for baking competitons into the story as it is also one about a hero being in a baking competition.

This is also a baking themed comic so expect recipes and for those who try them out, let me know how they went!
- Love, Mary